Guilt free eating at the OC Fair

Already feeling nostalgic about the OC Fair and it’s only been a day since it’s departure.

Wishing we could have stayed longer on the last day. Wishing we could have visited one extra day.

Every time I go to the fair, I revel to be in the midst of all of the excitement, rain or shine. The fair is the place where my inner child comes alive. I love being around all of the people, listening to all of the musical entertainment, seeing all of the bright lights, riding around on the carousel, going down the potato sack slide, playing the water balloon games and winning the biggest prizes. Most of all, I relish all of the great food.

Weighing in at 960 lbs- our entire party of five people – indulged on just about everything pleasing to our eyes: lobster on a stick, pineapple and shrimp bowls, Maui chicken pineapple bowls, BBQ beef brisket platter with beans and coleslaw, beef ribs, chili cheese fries and for dessert and over sized bacon donut and my favorite – a glossy, red candy apple on a stick.

No need for a ‘grazin day,’ going with a larger size group is the best way. The more the merrier and the less expensive the feast will be. Also, the more people you have, you can sample all of the food that you want and feel guilt free. Even if you are the one eating everything that the others can’t finish, so nothing goes to waste.

Besides, by the time we finished walking around, playing games, and hunting down the last pikachu prize, the calories were sure to be burned. Even is they weren’t, who cares, we enjoyed the food at the OC Fair and we always take home a bag of cotton candy to savor the sweet treat and the memories for the rest of the week. I know there will be a new treat to try next year. I am not sure how everyone else in the group is feeling, but I can hardly wait until next year for another go around at the OC Fair.


Who likes going to the dentist

No one likes going to the dentist office. That sentiment has been reiterated by almost everyone I know. Especially by those who are younger. Time and time again, I have heard kids ask their parents -after they are told to brush their teeth- “do I have to?”
I happen to be one of the rare few people who actually don’t mind going to the dentist. Maybe it has to do with my delight in being able to play catch up and make up for all of the dental visits that I didn’t get to go to as a child, but that’s another story.
Nobody wants to go to the dentist but everyone wants great looking teeth right? Don’t get me wrong, I do not enjoy everything that my dentist does. It starts to hurt after long periods of holding my mouth in the wide awkward position. Not only do common dental procedures hurt, but even the poking and scaling from a deep cleaning causes a slight elevation of pain. Furthermore, it cannot be pretty to have saliva flying all over my face and then as it is mixed with water from the syringe, it starts slowly dripping out of the side of my mouth. However, this is temporary and I am more concerned with the long term aesthetics and health benefits. So, yes I will endure the semi-annual dental office visits, simply because of the benefits obtained from going to the dentist.
Although you may dread going to the dentist, remember that your daily oral hygiene is important to achieving oral care longevity, great looking teeth, and a great smile.

Shark Sushis Date Night

Shark Sushi Date Nights
I must admit, that although my guy is the best chef and hand selects quality eating spots, I often frown my nose up at unfamiliar local spots. Needless to say, our first date at Shark Sushi, in Brea, Ca was no exception. I didn’t understand why it was so dim and I am so use to the chain restaurant experience, my first thought was that the quaint sushi joint was too small.
Right away, the waitress pleasantly greeted and seated us and this eased my apprehension. She even suggested cooked sushi rolls, after she acknowledged my whisper to my guy about not being ready to try his favorite -sashimi. So we ordered some of everything from spicy tuna rolls, spider rolls, baby lobster rolls, a few more specialty rolls, and of course sashimi. The rolls were served with a paste that my guy called wasabi and a nice portion of ginger- i loved it.
The diners sitting next to us, informed us that the place can get really crowded and may have a wait. We were seated immediately and received attentive service. The upbeat music was played at a decent volume and it was a memorable first sushi night, date night. To top it off, we even ran into Dennis Rodman as he was walking into Shark Sushi while we were on our way out. Since the first time, we dined again, at Shark Sushi, on a Monday night and the experience was just as pleasant.
The waitress even remembered who we were. At a chain restaurant, this is an unlikely experience after just the first time.
I genuinely look forward to our third date night at Shark Sushi in Brea. Really good people, good food, good service, and good vibes.

How to pull fine chics being a fat man

Do u wanna know why fat guys pull the finest chics, or in the rap world the ‘baddest #*&@$’?

Most women who are categorized in the fine zone are usually women who take really good care of themselves and usually have alot of assets -whether being given to them by family or by the men trying to seduce them. These clever females use assets given to them to further beautify themselves and invest in their market value.  As a result, the down stock females know that beauty fades and time is of the essence. So they are rushing to find an ideal mate in this superficial world. What is ingrained in them is that beauty, materialistic things, money, reputation, has a high value so the women settle for guys who are not genuine and have values and morals and end up a dysfunctional relationship. These couples don’t love each other for who they are and instead what they have.

These females end up in many failed attempt relationships causing a sense of hopelessness in their romance love life. What they lack is true friendship, companionship and someone who is genuine and will rode for them and mutually have each others back. This is perfect opportunity for fat man to come along.

Knowing what we know now, if you ever see a fine woman who appears to have everything a person to ask for but still has a look of something missing her eyes just know that is the window of opportunity is there. Keep in mind that these females must have been through it all to acknowledge what a genuine non superficial fat man has to offer. The trick is that the fat man should not go hard with it when hitting on her, off the back. She is a fine beautiful woman and gets hit on all the time by rich handsome dudes, so don’t do a detrimental approach.

These females are like a dying beautiful flower. To reap the benefits of the beautiful flower and reap benefits of what it has to offer, the fat man must feed this flower what it needs and desires. The nutrients and food that this flower is deprived of and that is a genuine, sincere, loving friend and companion. Once he revitalizes this flower, and builds a connect, it builds a bond just like the gardener and the flower.  After this, he can go in and make a move with the flower. However, remember this flower is delicate so to properly handle the flower one must continue to routinely feed the flower what it needs without over feeding it because it will be disastrous. You will kill the flower if you over feed it…..

***The views in this post do not represent the writers views… This post was ghost written for original author.***

Maybe He’s Just a Narcissist

Aside from all of the moral implications and consequences, wouldn’t it be nice if there were a place called and men could openly find someone to practice infidelity? This would allow their prey to enter into an inclusive affair with them knowingly. Recently, I managed to score three for three and I’m starting to feel like I have a big letters across my face that spell out smile if u r married. I am not saying that women don’t cheat and I even realize that when women do -often they’ll try to morally justify it by indicating “he was cheating, so I cheated too.” Sometimes, I hear women say that the prospects of suitable and available men are so low that married men have become an interest too. If this is the case, I propose that it’s time to start dating outside of your race. Well I can’t explain why I am attracting married men, but I can at least share some tell tale signs that he may already be in a committed relationship:
common threads between the three men I met are:
-there excuse for being unavailable is that they live far away like from LA to beyond Riverside
-I’ve noticed I run into them at the same LA spots, albeit they live far far away
-They are far too nice about volunteering to swing by my way but would never invite me to their place far far away
-They call at odd times and always abruptly end the phone call, even when they are not at work
-They all checked their social media accounts in front of me but don’t desire to connect with me through those social media sites
-In the middle of the night, they prefer texting instead of calling me at all during those times….ever
-When I decided to ask whether they were married or in a relationship, one responded “yes” and the other two said “no” and slowly but surely they all faded away

On the other hand….heck, what do I know, maybe they were not married… since I’ve always been attracted to a big ego type of guy, maybe they were all over the top and were all just narcissists? 🙂

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